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OnDemand is a Software Application Development firm mainly focuses on providing Integration and business solutions across different range of verticals, logistics and distribution segments. There is a clear and concise synergy between our horizontal and vertical focus. Company’s domain expertise, unique culture and technical excellence help the business in all frames in the future. We attract our customers with flexibility in deliverables, expert frameworks and advanced methodologies.

We are the global corporate company, which offers Software Application Development tools for clients all over the World. OnDemand is started with the motto of providing quality and quantity of services within client Pocket Bridge.

Why to choose OnDemand ?

Choosing is the best option in everyone’s life; we will get the best only by choosing. The below points will explain you that, we are the best option in choosing your requirements regarding Software Application Development.

Expertise in Domain:

In these days, expertise can be evaluated by various standards. We, OnDemand defines that domain expertise is knowledge, competence and experience that has been acquired with successive track record in the particular domain area or various areas. The professionals here are having specific expertise research in mentioned research tools for almost a decade.

Business Model and work principles:

At OnDemand , there is a fruitful environment all around. The Employees are propounded with knowledge driven services and win-win relationships. The key principles for decision driving are

Systemic and structural approach

The interaction with the client will be in an efficient and effective way. Grasp the problem and make a comfortable solution according to the client’s point of view. Provides and incorporates the most advanced tool with a tremendous solution and the focus will also be on cost reduction with business process engineers. Inputs will be taken from both the sides i.e. client and functional working team and produces the design specifications according to client proposal.

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Our Leadership Team

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Nigel Gower

Founder & CEO

Nigel Gower has more than 25 years’ experience in app development, website development, technology implementation and consulting with multiple fortune 500 companies. Nigel’s record of accomplishments are many including, holding executive positions in various companies since 1985 which includes CEO and founder of My School Pool, OnDemand and IT Hub. Since 2003, OnDemand Mobile Solutions, based in Atlanta, has delivered complex technology solutions to mid-sized companies worldwide. Over the last three years, Nigel has advocated “evolving the user experience” while building industry UX platforms for many mobile app solutions. Nigel created and was involved with two process patents for mobile authentication, and a school carpool system.

He maintained long-term development solutions with companies such as AT&T, Allied Universal and Activation. He has also provided similar services for across industry segments such as, media buying, motorcycle sales, security monitoring, and school carpool. In addition, he has driven strategy, system architecture and development of numerous innovative Internet and mobile applications.

Nigel Gower was one of the early Founders of Atlanta-based EyeWonder Inc. Interactive Digital Advertising. In Early 2010 EyeWonder Inc. was acquired for $110 million by Limelight (NASDAQ: LLNW). The acquisition was strategic because both companies offer complementary services to marketers, agencies, publishers and enterprises. EyeWonder provided tools that allow ad agencies and media companies to develop rich media (live streaming) and interactive video content advertising.

With a keen strategic sense Nigel leads OnDemand as the premiere User Experience development company. Providing its clients with insights toward their evolving the user experience which is aligned to the user’s “situation awareness” with the purpose of increasing their efficiency in the moment

His intuition stems from his love of Taekwondo where he is a 5th degree black belt. He considers it a hobby, but he is also acclaimed among his peers. His greatest passion is his family and the love of his wife and five daughters.

About Us

OnDemand Web Solution is an USA-based IT firm delivering with high quality and cost effective.